Tuesday, January 25, 2011

To read, or to e-read, that is the question

'Digital' has permeated all facets of life. It has simplified and expedited the means through which we access information, perhaps even cheapening the personal value of news. In order to remain a diverse and well-rounded agent of your community, your business, your family, etc. it is incumbent upon you to seek out information through more than just electronic means. For there is a value in knowledge unattainable through instantaneous search results; a personal feeling of worth and satisfaction that's discovered when a manual 
query yields just what one was looking for.

So once in a while, drop that mouse, put away that iPad, and leave Google alone. Instead, open a book, read a newspaper, talk to a friend. You never know what you'll find out when you unplug.

Plus, you can't make papier-mâché or heat your home with the interweb.